Falstaff Cookbook "Österreichs beste Rezepte" (Austria's best recipes)

Falstaff Cookbook "Österreichs beste Rezepte" (Austria's best recipes)

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Falstaff Cookbook "Austria's Best Recipes

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Falstaff presents gastronomic portraits of Austria's nine federal states. Restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic will likely be with us for some time to come. It is thus all the more important to rejoice in the things that are familiar and close to us - like the food memories of our childhoods and the time-honoured recipes of the past. We rediscover the comfort of cooking at home and sharing meals with those closes to us.

The new Falstaff cookbook "Österreichs beste Rezepte" (Austria's best recipes ) presents exactly this kind of classic dishes.

The federal state winners of the Falstaff Restaurant Guide present their five favourite regional and easy-to-make recipes for singles, couples and families on over 200 pages - there is something for everyone.


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